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EPCO is proud of the MotorMate construction standards. The MotorMate designs were instituted to eliminate some very specific and common problems by providing an outboard locking system while you tow your boat.

All tubing, pins and springs are all made of marine grade stainless steel. This is important so that it provides a lifetime of service, especially in salt water conditions

One common and major concern from boating experts is that the end caps perform properly. MotorMate end caps are constructed of high-impact nylon and designed to not cut the ground wire of any motor. MotorMate is designed to keep the ground wire safely away from all stress points. MotorMate has double tubes to help evenly distribute weight of motor, therefore preventing bending at any stress points.

The MotorMate is powder coated, not painted, in order to deliver durability and product protection.

EPCO is confident of the MotorMate and supports it with a limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship for the lifetime of the MotorMate.

MotorMate is the single best way to protect the outboard motor transom, steering cables and hydraulics during transport of the boat and outboard motor. MotorMate locking system protects, Johnson, Yamaha, Mercury and Evinrude motors.

Read the MotorMate Lifetime Warranty for more information.