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Lifting Assemblies

  • The only complete system specifically designed for lifting boats from the bow and stern
  • Reduces stress to bow, keel, hull and transom during lifting
  • EPCO Bow and Stern Eyes hold keel plates in position




A. Connecting Rod
B. Swivel Pinion
C. Keel Plate
D. Bow Eye


A. Connecting Rod
B. Swivel Pinion
C. Keel/Transom Plate
D. Stern Eye

Lifting Eye Adapter Plates

  • 304 stainless steel
  • Specifically designed for lifting boats
  • Same basic features and fit standard EPCO Lifting Eye components
  • Compatible with EPCO 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", and 5/8" Bow and Stern Eyes

Model 651 — keel plate with swivel pinion tapped for 5/8" right hand threaded connecting rods—tighten with lift eye on deck

Model 651-1 — Model 651 with welded gussets on sides for added strength

Model 651-2 — Same as above elongated and angled shape pinion section

Model 651-P — Adapter Plate with swivel pinion tapped for 5/8" connecting rod

Model 661 — keel plate with swivel pinion tapped for 5/8" left right hand threaded connecting rods enable turnbuckle tightening from center of rod

Model 751 — Pinion is positioned directly over the Bow Eye

Custom models and shapes available - quoted upon request

Lifting Eyes

  • 316 stainless steel
  • Ultra Sheen Polished finish
  • Tapped for 5/8" connecting rods
  • Large 1-1/2" inside diameter eye
  • Individually boxed

Model 552-P — Lifting Eye with O-ring — without deck mounting screw holes

Connecting Rods for Lifting Assemblies

  • 304 stainless steel
  • 5/8" diameter with 5/8" threads
  • Stainless steel adjusting nuts
  • Custom lengths available

Model 45012 — Connecting Rod 12" length with 3" right hand threads

Model 45024 — Connecting Rod 24" length with 6" right hand threads

Bow Eyes Assembly Diagram

Bow Assembly

Stern Eyes Assembly Diagram

Stern Assembly

Adapter Anchoring Plate 651-1


Adapter Anchoring Plate 651-2


Adapter Anchoring Plate 651-p


Adapter Anchoring Plate 751



Lifting Eyes Display


Connecting Rods For Lifting Assemblies

Connecting Rods