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Fish'n Rail a Handicap Rail System for Boats

Fish'n Rail™ Testimonials

"A spinal cord injury not only limits your walking, but any type of bending motion. The Fish’n Rail is so strong, being the first ever system to pass as a handicap rail, not only allowed me to walk the full length of the boat, but provided me a handhold to kneel down to change rods, grab a drink, or retie a lure. I could even crawl around the boat going through compartments without it interfering with the lids, yet there to help me pull myself back to a standing position. Surprisingly to most, the rails look tall when viewed from the ground, but if you measure up your leg, just 34 inches, you will see as others have, there is no problem casting or pitching. I can actually hold The Fish’n Rail’s front vertical pole and still reach the trolling motor rope handle. The rail system gave me a solid foundation to maneuver the trolling motor without putting a strain on my back. As fully capable men fish with me and find themselves using the rails, I’ll continue to use the rails even as I heal and become stronger."

- Jeff Thompson (Marine Corps Major, Ret.)

Fighter Pilot and Test Pilot, Inventor of the Fish'n Rail, and Bass Fisherman

"The best accessory I have on my bass boat is my Fish N Rail. I have been fishing tournaments all year with a different partner every 2 weeks who have been using their boats. Some of the boats the partners have were very expensive. When I tried this rail on my bass boat I found out that my inexpensive boat, with the rail, really outclasses the larger and more elaborate boats some members have.​

There is no comparison, next year I will be using my boat on every tournament and the partners can fish with me."

"The system has been a real lifesaver for me. It has allowed me to keep fishing with Parkinson's Disease which has destroyed my balance. It was a pleasure working with EPCO in securing a top notch product. Thanks!"

"The Fishing Rail worked great. I was able to stand up in the front of the boat in the stick ups and look for stumps with the help of the rail. We were fishing in two footers and the boat did a lot of rocking and I felt safe. It was also nice getting in the boat off of the dock to be able to have a solid handle to hold on to. I'm very pleased with the rail, it will enable me to fish safely for a long time. I used to have to crawl up to the front bass seat when it was rough, now I can walk up."

"The Fish'n Rail system has been an important asset to my fishing career. It allows me to safely move throughout the boat without the worry of falling. It has really improved what I can accomplish during tournaments, especially during times with rough water."

- Larry Draughn (USMC, Ret.)

   Wounded Warrior
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"The support rail has eliminated my fear about stepping down from the bow of my bass boat onto the deck. The rail also is an assist for stepping up to the bow area, particularly in rough weather. Installation was not a problem for River Marine here in Jacksonville. Thanks to the support rail, my handicap limitations have been greatly eliminated."

- Jerry Redmond

"I found that the railing system on your boat hindered me very little while we were fishing. I was able to quickly and easily slide under the railing on the bow when a needed to net a fish. I never found myself hitting my head or shoulders against that front rail when I backed out and got back onto my feet. The few times that we encountered wavy conditions, the railing system actually came in quite handy. I found myself leaning up against it to stabilize myself while I made casts. I don't recall finding that either the front or the aft railings restricted my movements around the boat in any way. If anything I found them helpful when getting in or out of the boat. I also used them to pull myself back up onto my feet after making lure changes.

Being on our feet as much as we were during our two day bass tournament, we were bound to encounter waves from other passing boats. It was inevitable that we would rely on the railings for balance during these times. Their sturdy nature allowed me to trust that they would bear my weight when I really needed them."

- Michael O'Haver

"The Fish'n rail was great! The rail did not get in the way whatsoever. The rail actually was nice for leaning on when I my legs got a little tired from standing for long periods of time. The Fish'n rail was sturdy and placed in the right areas of the boat. The rail is a great idea for disabled or able bodied fishermen alike. The rail gives you something to hold on or lean on in rough or calm waters. It was easy to mount to boat and just as easy to take off the boat. Good job guys!"

- Mark Reynolds

   quote on using the Fish'n Rail at the Paralyzed Veterans Association Fishing Tournament

"I had seen some of the articles about the Fish-n-Rail and I am sure like others I thought that looks like it would get in the way but after fishing in your boat that was equipped with the rail I soon changed my mind.

The rail system was awesome and not only can I see the application for people with disabilities, but the advantages it could provide for our older generations and even for the average angler.

I found myself using the rail instead of the steering wheel or counsel to pull my body up from the seat which I am sure is better for the boat in general.

The rail was position in a way that never interfered with my fishing and was actually a helpful spot to lean against or over when flipping, and again my line , lure or bait never hit the rail or got entangled.

The rail was a little harder than the butt seat but was much more stable and didn't suddenly rotate when the trolling motor moved or a wave rocked the boat.

Observing the construction I can see that it would not take but a few minutes to uninstall the rails if wanted and the plates left behind would not be in the way of any fisherman- then when some one would need the rail because they were handicapped or just older and needed some more support they could be quickly installed.

I also see the benefits of the Fish-n-rail for big waters where the wind and waves are always rocking the boat and for the worst case scenario a stable bar an overboard person could safely pull themselves back into the boat with.

This product will provide the ability for lots of people to get back to the sport we all love."

- Don Jenkins

   IBF President