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The Fish'n Rail™ is a security and support railing system for boats that allows handicapped, disabled and physically impaired anglers and boaters to enjoy boating again.

The Fish'n Rail was created by Jeff Thompson. Jeff, a retired Marine Corps major, fighter pilot and test pilot, suffers from a deteriorating disc disease, aggravated by years of exposure to excessive G-forces. After multiple surgeries, he was faced with abandoning his passion for bass fishing.

Not willing to give up the sport he loved, Thompson put his NASA experience and master's degree in aerospace engineering to work designing and developing the Fish'n Rail system. Now he and others can move about their boats and enjoy fishing once more.

The Fish'n Rail system is offered as individual stainless steel components that may be assembled to meet the needs of the angler and the configuration of the boat. And if needed, the Fish'n Rail can easily and quickly be removed and reassembled. It is designed to last the lifetime of the boat and conforms to Americans with Disabilities Act specifications.

The Fish'n Rail is manufactured and marketed by EPCO Products, Inc., the original and only U.S. manufacturer of stainless steel bow and stern eyes. EPCO will work with boat builders' engineers to ensure a proper design for their various models.

EPCO manufactures the Fish'n Rail from aviation grade stainless steel components to assure years of service in its state-of-the-art facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana.