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Salt Spray Test

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Sample Description:
Individual parts were provided in quantities of 1-3 for each Alloy/Finish configuration. The exposure testing was performed on the parts as received with no additional surface treatment performed.

Sample Preparation:
None. Parts placed into Salt Spray Chamber as they were received. The parts all appeared to have no surface dust or residue on the significant surface area.

Sample Analysis:
The parts were exposed to the conditions of the Salt Spray Chamber according to the specifications of ASTM B117 for a total period of 336 hours of continuous exposure. The cabinet was checked as 24-Hour intervals for method based quality control procedures. The parts were also observed at the same 24-hour intervals for the presence of surface corrosion.

Sample Results and Discussion:

Observational Data
The observational data for each part set has been summarized on the attached forms in a spreadsheet format. The presence of corrosion is indicated by a short description of the corrosion, the location on the part and the hour interval of first observation.

Performance Data
The second set of summary reports lists the part descriptions, finish description, date of testing (Start, Finish), total hours, Total Area of defects and Protection Rating (R).