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Salt Spray Test

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Project Description

All individual parts were tested using ASTM B117 for Environmental Salt Spray Corrosion Resistance Testing for 336 hours. This environmental exposure testing procedure is designed to accelerate environmental exposure and its effects on metal parts with various alloys, surface treatments including passivation and electropolishing for Stainless Steel alloys under controlled conditions. Due to the wide range of metals and applications, no specific conversion factors can be applied to the salt spray exposure time versus actual natural environmental exposure.

The parts were tested using the Salt Spray Methodology without pre-cleaning: i.e. the parts were tested as received. The parts were cleaned post exposure using tap water and laboratory reagent water rinses followed by air-drying.

The parts were evaluated based on observational data during the exposure testing period. Additional Protection Rating (R) data was calculated using ASTM B537. The Protection Rating is based on the % of total surface area deemed defective. The areas evaluated are limited to significant surface areas of the part(s). Edges, threads and bleeding or creep from these locations are not evaluated or including in the Protection Rating. Defects were observationally defined as those impacting the significant surface areas of the parts.

The maximum rating is assigned a value of 10 (0%). The ratings are then based on the area of defects (as a percent of total surface area) in descending order from 9 - 0.