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Overview and Background

EPCO uses 304 and 316 series stainless steel in the manufacture of its more than 800 different bow and stern eyes as well as the various plates, nuts, washers, etc. that make up the completed product. The same stainless steels are used in the production of the other stainless components that are found in EPCO's total stainless steel product lines. EPCO's vendors supply material certifications of the chemistry for the stainless steel EPCO uses in its daily production process.

Stainless steel has been used in the manufacture of marine components for its strength, corrosion resistance and appearance. The 304 series material has been used by EPCO for its bow eyes for more than 40 years and has demonstrated excellent corrosion resistance properties. The 316 series has even better corrosion resistance for high salt exposure applications.

EPCO had Salt Spray Environmental Exposure Testing conducted by Edglo Laboratories, Inc. to establish a more definitive way of providing a measure of corrosion resistance performance for its 304 and 316 series stainless steel products.

The 304 and 316 series stainless steel products and components were randomly selected and were subjected to a lengthy and unrelenting 336-hour salt spray test. The results are presented as representations of reasonable expectations of EPCO's manufactured products' performance in similar salt environment conditions.

The 336-hour test duration was selected because that test is much longer and more extreme than normally would be requested for evaluation.

*Note: Edglo test text follows on the next page and subsequent pages...

Statement of Compliance
All the products that EPCO produces meet or exceed the requirements for that product as defined by ABYC H-40 (PDF).


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