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New Haven Location
EPCO's original manufacturing facility in NewHaven, Indiana circa late 60's

EPCO's History

EPCO has been in the Fort Wayne / New Haven area since 1980.

EPCO purchased Gilbaum Manufacturing Click to Read: in 1980. Gilbaum was the patent holder for its design of a bow eye (Shown Right) as well as a lifting assembly. EPCO is the largest single manufacturer of stainless steel bow and stern eyes for pleasure boats in the world. The other products it produces are Bow Eye Sealing Systems, Lifting Assemblies, Hatch Covers Pulls, U-Bolts, Anchor Line Tie Offs, the Fish‘n Rail and other related items. EPCO specializes in making more than 800 different bow / stern eyes and custom items made to the exacting dimensions designed by its customers. It also produces products for the fluid power and diesel engine industries and supplies other product lines to the marine and RV industries as a master distributor. Its products are sold all over the US and in many foreign countries.

EPCO employees work in a 25,000 square feet, smoke free and completely air conditioned manufacturing facility. The manufacturing processes include thread rolling, turret lathe, screw machine, milling, drilling, assembly, CNC, thread cutting, tapping, stainless steel marking equipment, automatic and CNC bending, buffing, automatic packaging, robotic equipment, computer controlled labeling, various secondary machining operations, etc. The Kan-Ban system that guides production has been in place since 1984. There are a variety of support operations done to complete the operations begun by the primary equipment.

We Patent the Bow Eye in 1973
Bow eye patent issued Oct. 16, 1973.