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A Bow Eye By Any Other Name Just Isn't A Bow Eye To Sailors*

Hand a bow eye to any landlubber and chances are he will call it a U-bolt. But to a certain breed of sailors it is not a U-bolt - even though it looks like a U-bolt, is used like a U-bolt and is in fact a U-bolt. To those who put out to local lakes and rivers in their trailer-hauled boats, this piece of hardware is a bow eye.

A bow eye - pronounced "bough" like the boat's bow on which it is used - enables the boat owner to lower his boat from trailer to the water, and to pull it back again. Sometimes the bow eye is also used on the stern except that it's then called a stern eye.

Gil-Baum Manufacturing Corporation, New Haven, Indiana, fabricates bow and stern eyes, and to be sure that they will be the kind of gleaming hardware sailors are proud of, this company makes them of Republic ENDURO® Type 304 stainless steel. Made in four diameters of ground and polished rod stock, the bow and stern eyes provide a broad range of strengths. In tests made on bow eyes mounted on thick hardwood blocks, the 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, and 1/2-inch thick sizes took up to 10,800, 16,800 22,900 and 29,000 pounds of pull, respectively.

Gil-Baum knows that its bow eyes are super strong and super attractive, and that's exactly how they merchandise them.

*Published Spring 1976 in enduro era - A Publication of Republic Steel Corporation